Career Highlights

  • Published Author (
  • 12 years teaching college-level programming to designers
  • 15 years writing class curriculum for higher education and corporate training
  • 20+ years of programming experience
    • JavaScript (vanilla and many supporting libraries and frameworks)
    • ActionScript (using Object Oriented techniques and design patterns)
    • HTML 5/CSS 3
  • 2 years mentoring the support team at Flashtalking,
    • Leading training sessions
    • Writing documentation
    • Creating tutorials
    • Developing custom prototype examples for clients with instruction
  • Developed Games on the Facebook Platform, casual games on Android and iOS, and kids educational games on the Leapfrog Leapster
  • Strong background in audio, working for Antenna Audio developing museum tours for locations all over the world.
  • Further experience working with
    • Rails Developers (data integrations)
    • Data-driven banner ads
    • Pharmaceutical projects

Ongoing Education