Cover Letter

Hi, I’m Cody!

I’ve spent my career training people to use the tools I use, and programming for whatever task presented itself at the time. Finding that I became a stronger developer when I took the time to explain how things worked, I always tried to keep my focus simultaneously on teaching and developing. I’m seeking a role that will allow me to continue this.

Having spent the better part of my career programming in ActionScript, you might be thinking “why would I hire this guy?!?! Flash is evil and it’s dead, good riddance!” Flash, and in turn programming with ActionScript gave us freedom in a very constrictive internet at the time. I continuously strove to make the best most optimized product for whatever the task at hand was. When many of my peers would write spaghetti code, I pushed to learn to write classes and use Object Oriented Programming principles reading any book, article, or tweet I could find. I would strongly type my variables, extend classes, and embrace new ways to optimize my work.

In my last position with the Ad Server Flashtalking, I witnessed the sunset of Flash and transitioned to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I had used these tools extensively over my career, but never as my primary tool. Working on the production team I spent 18 months converting hundreds of ads from Flash to HTML/CSS/JavaScript and creating new ones. I wanted to get back to doing training, so I moved over to the Studio support team where I lead new initiatives to create more comprehensive training, creating new documentation and examples, and recording videos clients could reference, encouraging my team to do the same.

I’ve also gone back to school taking online courses in my spare time to formalize my self-taught education. I’m aiming to soon get my A.S. in Computer Science with a focus on Web & Mobile Application Development.

My goal in any position is to continuously iterate and optimize my work practices, utilizing teaching opportunities to help me become a better developer.