First Book Published

Having some free time on my hands, I had a passion project I wanted to finish. On the weekend I regularly take my two daughters out for different adventures all over the San Francisco Bay Area. I have found a passion for sharing and encouraging other parents to do the same, and this is the first in a series of books to promote the idea of getting out regularly with your family.

This first book covers the west side of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and the next one will cover the east side. After that, I will be releasing on strategies of getting out and having a successful adventure with your kids. Then a book with 52 weekend adventures all over the Bay Area – a whole year of weekend day trips.

I’ve taken a lot of time to work on my writing skills and make it a regular practice, and I want to continue doing more of this type of project. My self-editing has become much better, and I’m putting some really great tools to work to make this all easier.