Learning NodeJS & adding to my Fullstack experience

A couple of weeks back I had the idea to make an Alexa app. We have a lot of fun with Alexa at home, and I wanted to make something you could ask Alexa for a fun outing around the SF Bay Area, so she could give you a quick destination idea.

I was able to build a really simple version fairly quickly where she could give you a randomized suggestion from a list of destinations from Golden Gate Park. I was pretty happy with the quick results I got but thought if it were to be really useful I should be able to supply it a general geographic area or city, then it could pick from a list that was more targeted or tagged.

Alexa Apps use NodeJS, so I went looking for an online course that would give me more experience with writing server-side JavaScript and came across this great course from Eduonix – and I’m in the middle of taking that course now.

And luckily, I had some good timing and found out about a Kickstarter project they were putting on for a Fullstack course that will be going live in October.

I’m looking forward to learning more things to round out my education and experience.