Custom API Training – Flashtalking

Custom Training for Hulu – March 2017

One of the larger clients I supported at Flashtalking was Hulu. Hulu had an interesting setup as they wanted to create video ads but as they have a fairly robust CDN they wanted to save a little money and use their own network to stream the videos, but through the Flashtalking player in order to get important metrics. Typically this wasn’t allowed through the API, but we found a workaround.

In the time I was supporting this effort with various agencies building ads for Hulu, Flashtalking transitioned their tool for uploading and managing creative files from an older Flash-based system called the Creative Interface to a more modern HTML 5 tool called the Creative Manager. Along with this transition came some changes to the way the ads were set up. Below you can see the documentation I put together along with a screen share video I created showing the changes.

Supporting Documentation: