Intro to the Flashtalking API – Flashtalking

Flashtalking Studio Training – January 2016 – January 2018

Learning an ad-server’s API isn’t hard, just detailed. Creating a compelling story leaving customers with a “can do” attitude creates better results leaving all parties happy.

One of my responsibilities joining the Studio and Support team was to conduct training sessions with clients new to using the Flashtalking API. Ad Server API’s aren’t that difficult to implement, but they are detailed. With only an hour to cover all the basic integration points and the basic developer workflow from ad creation to QA and client approval, it can be tough to conduct a training session that doesn’t overwhelm the participant with details.

Typically one of these training sessions would be a rapid-fire barrage of facts referencing some minimal documentation which was in need of some love. Following a training, it was our job to answer questions through e-mail about details forgotten or missed. Depending on the client, this could end up being quite a bit of extra work.

One of the first things I did was try to get the documentation updated, which proved to be more of a long-term project. Instead, I turned my focus to developing my own support documentation that was shared before a training session. This document covered in detail the typical training session, could be quickly customized to suit the client, and easily expanded to cross-reference other supporting documents.

When the training screen share was scheduled, included on the invitation was a link to a public-facing Evernote document with detailed notes with starter files and screen captures of everything covered. We recorded the screen share and sent a link to the video in a follow-up e-mail along with links to any documents supporting questions that arose during the training session. With the detailed notes and screen share in hand, we created a level of comfort with the Flashtalking API giving our customers a “can do” attitude cutting down on unnecessary communication that ends up wasting everyone’s time.